Our Story

A watch isn’t just a normal fashion item, It’s a statement…a statement of intent. When you wake up and put your watch on, you get a feeling (We know you have felt it), a little smile, a thought you are ready to dominate any challenge ahead of you.

Just like you we are passionate people and that’s why we live & breath creating beautifully crafted watches 24 hours a day 7 Days a week, or as our founder would say 25/8 ; )

Our story started like many others…an idea, a conversation that lead to unimaginable execution. Our founders were simply fed up…! Fed up of with over charged luxury timepieces, with huge mark-ups. It didn’t make any sense that this level of quality was so out of reach for so many people. That’s when it happened…the stars aligned…and our founders met!

Together with over 40 years of watch making experience a vision was created, a burning desire to leverage the digital world to produce luxury timepieces accessible to all.

Our team over the years has been lucky enough to design and create watches for some world renowned names such as Manchester United FC, Celtic FC, Newcastle United + More.

Dominate the day, with Samuel Joseph

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